An effective humanitarian response largely depends on accurate assessments. They are the basis for needs based strategic planning and subsequently getting the right things to the right place in a timely manner. Many agencies collect, process and analyses data separately.

Sometimes this leads to a situation where different organizations are asking the same questions to the same people. This may lead to frustration among the affected population and can cause duplication and inefficiencies.


The assessment registry provides a way for organizations to share the details and results of humanitarian assessments. The Assessment Registry provides this service so agencies can discover assessments that have already been undertaken and avoid unnecessary survey fatigue.

Target Audience

The coordinated assessment process targets decision makers across the humanitarian community. The assessment registry is public and available to all concerned with the emergency.


The registry should include all assessments relevant to the humanitarian response. Information management practitioners should consider issues of data sensitivity before publishing specific assessment reports and open assessment data.


The assessment registry sorts assessments undertaken by title, location, leading and participating organizations, sectors and assessment status. Additionally it provides the link to the assessment reports, questionnaires and data if made publicly available.

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