Ethiopia: Joint Report: Multi-Agency Initial Rapid Assessment –The drought situation in Dawa Zone Somali Region 15– 26 JUNE 2022

Key findings
• GAM rate is about 38.75%, very high above emergency thresholds in dawa zone.
• The malnutrition trends of vulnerable groups on the rise and with aggravating factors.
• Livestock diseases continue to be reported in Dawa zone woredas.
• Urgent operationalization of 4 drilled boreles in kadaduma and Mubarak woredas needed.
• Erosion of resilience of host communities high inflation and low supplies driving food insecurity
• Water borne diseases malnutrition, malaria, skin infection, typhoid are top diseases in zone.
• 43% water facilities non-functional & 227,643 persons in 53 sites need water trucking support.
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s)
Participating Organization(s)
Government of Ethiopia
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Save The Children
The International Committee for the Development of Peoples
Pastoralist Concern
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Level of Representation
Governorate (admin 1)
Meeting with the zonal administrator and zonal sectoral focal points. Woreda representatives and offices, host community and IDP site visits in Moyale and Hudet. Key informant interviews, focus group discussion, observations. Sites visited; Beled amin, Kojowa and Malat of Moyale and Elmahan of Hudet woreda.
Population Type(s)
All affected population
Host communities
• Conduct drought multi-agency rapid assessment mission composed of BOWCA, OCHA, UNHCR, FAO, SCI, PC, OWDA, PIADO, CISP, HEKS-EPER, VSF-S, government representatives at zonal and woreda level offices in dawa zone among others.
• Assess the magnitude of the severe draught following the failure of the fourth rainy season in Dawa Zone. Provide informative report to senior management to guide decision making and resource planning
Multi-Cluster Initial Rapid Assessment
Report completed
Ethiopia > Somali
Food (Ethiopia)
Water Sanitation Hygiene (Ethiopia)
Health (Ethiopia)
Nutrition (Ethiopia)
Shelter and NFI (Ethiopia)
Protection Cluster (Ethiopia)
Ethiopia Cash Working Group (Ethiopia)
Education (Ethiopia)
Assessment report
Other location
Dawa Zone, Somali Region