West Darfur - Kreinik Town Inter-Sector Rapid Assessment

Key findings
Site Management Working Group (SMWG):
• Initially, the community reported 16 gathering points hosting IDPs in Kreinik town. However, the team found that two (the Civil Administration and Public Prosecution sites), hosting 129 IDPs, were merged into one location - the Zakat Office.
• The total of 14 gathering points (GPs) identified by the assessment team are:
o Local Health System
o Zakat Office
o Elbaitari
o Resistance Committees House
o Nur Almaarif School for Boys
o Nur Almaarif School for Girls
o Youth Center, Secondary School for Girls
o Basic School for boys
o Basic School for Girls
o Almanar Basic School (Umduwein)
o EPI Office
o Old Military Barracks Square
o Al Jeel Basic School
o Teachers' Guest House.
• The site typology of the gathering points is self-settled collective centers.
• 10 out of 14 gathering points have easy access from the town. However, it is difficult to access the rest of the 4 GPs, namely, Almanar Basic School (in Umduwein), AlJeel Basic School, EPI Office, and the Old Military Barracks Square due to security risks.
• According to the community leaders, there are Site Management Committees (SMCs) in all 14 gathering points (GPs). They are formed from IDP representatives and some members of the host community. These committees consist of 64 members, including six from the host community. 56% are men, and 44% are women. They also include 14 people with disabilities (five men and nine women), representing 22% of total SMC members.
• There are women and youth committees in each of the 14 gathering points. However, only five WASH committees are functioning in five gathering points.
• There are no streetlights in any of the gathering points in the Kreinik town
• There are no Complaint Mechanisms in the gathering points.
• There have been no new arrivals of IDPs to the gathering points during the assessment.
• Six cases of rape were reported by the community leaders; however, no medical check-up or treatment
The assessment teams conducted Focus Group Discussion with affected populations, including women and men. Interviews with key informants, direct observation, and site visits were also used to collect information.
Main Objectives
• To assess the humanitarian needs of people affected by the conflict that started on 04 December 2021.
• To better understand the need for a targeted multisectoral response.

Specific Objectives
• Collect information about critical life-saving and protection needs related to vulnerable people's physical and mental well-being.
• Provide sufficient information to humanitarian partners.
• Collect indicative figures of the number of people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance due to the fighting in December 2021.
Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
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