Ethiopia: Joint multi-Agency Emergency Need Assessment Report of Konso and Alle - DEC 2020 [EN]

Key findings
The ethnic conflict between Konso zone and surrounding special woredas  Amaro, Ale, Burji, and Derashe left more than 11,116 HHs (66,711) people displaced from 17 kebeles of Konso zone and including 10,069 Gato 01 kebele IDPs. Out of the total affected population, 2,562HHs (14,106) are IDPs located in six collective center/site, 4,044 HHs (23,124) IDPs are disseminated within host communities and 4,463HHs (29,481) IDPs are returned to their original places.
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s)
Government of Ethiopia - National Disaster Risk Management Commission
Participating Organization(s)
International Organization for Migration
International Rescue Committee
People in Need
United Nations Children's Fund
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
World Food Programme
World Health Organization
The assessment methodology employed includes ;

meeting with zonal and woreda EOC members and get brief description of the overall situation and responses made so far by the government and other partners,
key informant interview with sector offices using the MIRA checklist . . .
The general objective of the assessment was to analyse and understand the overall situations in IDPs of Konso and Alle and recommend possible interventions and support for the needs of IDPs
Multi-Cluster Initial Rapid Assessment
Needs Assessment
Report completed
Ethiopia > SNNPR > Segen Peoples' > Alle
Ethiopia > SNNPR > Segen Peoples' > Konso
Water Sanitation Hygiene (Ethiopia)
Protection Cluster (Ethiopia)
Nutrition (Ethiopia)
Health (Ethiopia)
Food (Ethiopia)
Education (Ethiopia)
Shelter and NFI (Ethiopia)
Agriculture (Ethiopia)
Assessment report