AVSI Somalia Rapid Internal Project Evaluation

Key findings
A rapid assessment was conducted by AVSI Foundation for the AICS funded project titled Improvement of production capacity, sanitation and protection services for displaced persons and groups at risk in the rural suburbs of Kismayo, a 10 months project that started in October 2020 offering a multi-sector intervention approach in an endeavor to reduce vulnerability in 10 villages located along the Juba River. Overall the impact of the project was positive, the assessment revealed that the support offered by AVSI through the project had improved the livelihood of 85% of the beneficiaries.
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s)
AVSI Foundation
A structured questionnaire was developed and formulated to fit the project assessment areas. A total of 104 beneficiaries were assessed. The respondents were randomly selected from the project’s activity beneficiaries’ database using a number generator (simple random selection). All beneficiaries targeted had benefited from at least one intervention. The randomly selected beneficiaries were interviewed through phone calls and their data entered through KOBO. The analysis was conducted using a combination of MS Excel and Tag crowd and the report was developed in MS Word
Sample size
The assessment was geared towards interrogating the impact the project had to beneficiaries directly supported and the overall effect it had to the community
Somalia > Lower Juba > Kismaayo
Assessment report