Rapid Needs Assessment for IDPS from Toktoka and surrounding villages who fled to Jukoma Elgarbia in Bendisi locality. Am Jokoty in Wadi Salih locality.

Key findings
1- In Dec 9th armed elements attacked the villages of Toktoka and other villages and looted properties, that people Feld to Jukoma in Bendisi locality and Poorbarnga in West Darfur while others went to Chad,
2- There houses were burnt, 10 houses in Toktoka village and 20 houses in Arena village.
3- Most of the displaced people are women and children according to the displaced who prioritize their need of safety, emergency shelter, food, NFIs. health, WASH and education
4- Most of the affected population are from Tama, maslit ,aringa and misiria jebel tribes.
5- HAC from 2 localities of Bendisi and WadiSalih accompanied the mission.
6- TDO and other NGOs left registration process to HACs of two localities to follow- up and support Humanitarian organizations ASAP.
Participating Organization(s)
World Food Programme
Catholic Relief Services
International Medical Corps
Government of Sudan - Humanitarian Aid Commission
Sample size
4400 HHs
1. verification of the displacement and the destination of affected people from the villages.
2. population needs assessment.
3.To identify the protection needs and critical lifesaving needs of the affected population.
4. To identify the most urgent humanitarian response. To establish contacts with key informants on the developments of the intercommunal conflict in the affected area.
Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
Report completed
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Sudan > Central Darfur > Wadi Salih
Gender Based Violence (Sudan)
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Shelter and NFI Sector (Sudan)
Food Security and Livelihoods (Sudan)
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Water Sanitation Hygiene (Sudan)
Education (Sudan)
Assessment report