HPC 2021 Facilitation Package

In an effort to support interagency roll-out of HPC 2021 a collection of resources and examples have been made available on our knowledge management platform which are available to all partners. 

2021 HPC package

  1. A Step-by-Step guide to develop the HNO and HRPhttps://kmp.hpc.tools/km/hno-hrp-step-step-guidance-2021
  2. 2021 HNO template and annotations: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/2021-humanitarian-needs-overview-annotated-template
  3. 2021 JIAF Guidance: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/2021-jiaf-guidance
  4. 2021 HRP Template and instructions: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/2021-humanitarian-response-plan-annotated-template
  5. Complementary guidance on Response Analysis, Objectives and Targeting for the HRP: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/response-analysis-and-prioritization-guidance-2021
  6. HPC Monitoring: This page provides OCHA perspectives on monitoring and recommendations for country offices on the preparation and conduction of response monitoring of Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs) or other collective humanitarian plans.
  7. 2021 HPC Visualization Guide: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/2021-hpc-visualization-guide
  8. Guidance for the Response Planning and Monitoring (RPM) and Project Modules (PM) Platformshttps://kmp.hpc.tools/km/guidance-response-planning-and-monitoring-rpm-and-project-modules-pm-platforms
  9. 2021 Accountability to Affected People (AAP) Guidance: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/ocha-accountability-affected-people-aap
  10. Tip sheet for monitoring a disability-inclusive response to COVID-19 in humanitarian settings: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/tip-sheet-monitoring-disability-inclusive-response-covid-19-humanitarian-settings
  11. 2021 Guidance on Analysing risks and determining the most likely evolution of the humanitarian situation: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/2021-guidance-analyzing-risks-and-determining-most-likely-evolution-humanitarian-situation
  12. HNO Scoring Worksheet: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/2021-hno-quality-criteria-worksheet
  13. HRP Quality Criteria Worksheet: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/2021-hrp-quality-criteria-worksheet
  14. Multi-Partner Review of the Enhanced HPC Approach 2021: https://kmp.hpc.tools/km/multi-partner-review-enhanced-hpc-approach-2021

Key 2021 facilitation material  

The following presentations and resources can be used for general and technical HPC meetings and workshops. These include: 

  1. HPC Step by step (ppt) - This presentation serves as an introduction to the HPC process and includes a brief overview of updates to HPC 2021. 
  2. Disability inclusion in the HPC 2021 - Part 1 (inter-agency training) - (ppt)
  3. JIAF: Overview of JIAF agreed guidance (ppt)
  4. JIAF: Application of the JIAF guidance in the HNO (ppt)
  5. JIAF: PiN webinar (ppt)
    1. PiN aggregation example (XLS)
    2. RECORDING of the webinar available here
  6. HRP: Overview of adjustments and key changes (ppt)
  7. HRP: Response analysis, strategic objectives and targetting (ppt)
  8. Data collection in the time of Covid (ppt from May workshop)

Other key documents  

  1. Guidance on COVID-19 data features in FTS website
  2. The Gender Handbook for Humanitarian Action (IASC) 2018
  3. Guidance on strengthening disability inclusion in Humanitarian Response Plans (2019)
  4. Different Needs, Equal Opportunities: Women, Girls, Boys and Men in the HPC (2016)
  5. 2020 Guidance Note on Reflecting Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) in Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs)
  6. Flash Appeal Guidance and Template 2020