HPC Tools

OCHA’s HPC.tools are online platforms that enable the humanitarian community to structure and manage information around the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC).  These tools consist of four unique platforms.

HPC data management websites:

HPC public-facing websites:

These tools support all aspects of the HPC: the identification of needs; strategic, cluster-level and project planning; periodic monitoring; presence mapping and financial tracking. The HPC.tools are a fit-for-purpose suite of interconnected services – modular and adaptable to all contexts and capacities – which don’t just facilitate the management and sharing of data, but ‘join the dots’ through a common data architecture.

These explicit connections from needs, to plans, to results and from activities to projects to funding, transform strategic and operational decision-making for all partners. Through them, OCHA can provide accurate, reliable, up-to-date information to global stakeholders including donors, agencies, implementers as well as the affected people. They will improve the way the entire community works together to deliver coordinated action.

To support OCHA Information Management Officers use of HPC tools, internal guidance documents were prepared and are provided through this Knowledge Management Platform HPC tools' respective document pages' linked below;                                                                                                                  

   Title (with Link) Format

Response Planning and Monitoring – A User’s Guide 

Guidance EN

Projects Module – A User’s Guide       

Guidance EN

Humanitarian Insight – A User’s Guide   

Guidance EN

HPC Bridge Tools 

Guidance EN/ES/FR 


Supporting videos are also available on Microsoft Stream HPC Tools channel and YouTube: