2021 Humanitarian Needs Overview - Annotated Template

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15.08.2020 00:00
(Available in English & French and Adobe InDesign version)

This document provides an overview of what information to present and how to do so in the development of the Humanitarian Needs Overview.  It should be read alongside the:

The HPC Step-by-Step re-asserts the sequence of the needs analysis and planning, with needs analysis directly informing the decision-making with regards to response, whether for the preparation of new plans or adjustments to existing ones.  At both the analysis and planning stages, it emphasizes commitments made at the World Humanitarian Summit and the Grand Bargain;
The JIAF Guidance supports and guides the work of experts (information managers, analysts, etc.), in-country Intercluster Coordination Groups and decision-makers involved in joint needs analysis. It outlines an analytical framework for inter-sectoral analysis – the Joint Inter-sectoral Analysis Framework (JIAF) – assisting with the identification of inter-linkages between various drivers, underlying and contributing factors, sectors and humanitarian conditions
Complementary guidance: 

HNO Addendum Risk and Forward Looking Analysis   
HRP Guidance on Response Analysis, Formulation of Strategic and Specific Objectives, and Targeting.

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