2021 JIAF Guidance

Original publication date
06.08.2020 18:01
This guidance is presented to support the 2021 Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) and to help build on the ‘Enhanced HPC Approach’ initiated in 2019. This document intends to inform, support and guide the work of experts, tasked by country teams (or a similarly empowered entity) to produce a joint intersectoral needs analysis in support of the HPC. It outlines an analytical framework for such an analysis – the Joint Intersectoral Analysis Framework (JIAF) – to assist country teams with the identification of inter-linkages between various drivers, underlying and contributing factors, sectors and humanitarian conditions for their consideration in preparing their Humanitarian Needs Overviews (HNOs) and subsequent Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs).

Life cycle steps
Joint Analysis > Process and coordination of joint analysis
Document type
HPC document repository
Joint Inter-Sectoral Analysis Framework (JIAF)
Needs Assessment and Analysis > Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO)
Needs Assessment and Analysis
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All affected population