Knowledge Management Platform


The online Knowledge Management Platform is a point of reference for users to seek good field examples, templates, guidances, tools, capacity building materials relevant to coordinated needs assessment and analysis. The platform will ensure that all the information is updated and easily available to the right users at the right time. Users are also encouraged to propose new knowledge resources to be included among the available material. 

Usability Guidelines

At the heart of the Knowledge Management Platform is a list of documents tagged using the six steps and sub-steps of the Needs Assessment Life Cycle. If required, each document in the Knowledge Management Platform is further tagged with few other categories which are explained below. 

To sort this list and make selections we have developed a set of basic search filters that feature on the left-hand side of the platform’s webpage. Once a filter is selected, at the results page above the filters, you can see how many documents are included in the current selection. The featured categories of filters are:

  • Needs Assessment Lifecycle steps and sub-steps: Filters the document list by Needs Assessment Lifecycle steps and sub-steps (e.g. Setting up Coordination is the first step of the lifecycle. It has three sub-steps; Understanding of context and enabling factors, establishing coordination to support coordinated assessments, determining current state of needs assessment)
  • Population Type: Filters documents tagged as different population groups, e.g. All Affected Population, Elderly, Displaced etc.
  • Document Type: The platform has different types of documents, these includes good field examples, guidance notes, a template or capacity building materials. Using this search filter, you can select your desired document type.
  • Context: Filter your search based on rural and / or urban context.
  • Country: Shows a list of country names using which the document list can be the filtered.
  • HPC Document Repository:  Filters available documents in the list tagged as HPC. All the relevant templates and guidance related to HNO, HRP and Monitoring are searchable through this filter. In addition, there are few more searchable tags available through this filter on Preparedness, HPC Tools, Coordination, Humanitarian Development Nexus (HDN), Cross Cutting Issues and Global Developments. 

To download the document and / or view more detailed information on a specific document please click on the respective document title.

Please click on the link to access all of the documents in the Knowledge Management Platform.

Knowledge Management Platform Focal Point

This is an initiative of Needs and Response Analysis Section (NARAS), Assessment, Planning and Monitoring Branch (APMB), OCHA Geneva. For questions please contact Kashif Rehman at: