Knowledge Management Platform

Identification of Information Gaps & Planning of Assessments

The presentation reflect on weak areas, learn from good examples and identify approaches for assessment planning in different context.

Life cycle steps: 
Determining current state of needs assessment
Localise coordinated assessment strategy
Population Types: 
All affected population

Coordinated Assessment and Information Management Training (CAIM) Training Module - 2020

CAIM training manual has been developed by NARAS, APMB, OCHA Geneva. The manual equips participants with a set of competencies and tools that allows them to:

Life cycle steps: 
Establishing coordination to support coordinated assessments
Determining current state of needs assessment
Understanding of context and enabling factors
Availability of needs & response data and information gaps
Localise coordinated assessment strategy
Establishing context specific baseline
Designing Secondary Data Review (SDR) methods
Designing Primary Data Collection methods
Estimation of Humanitarian Population figures
Secondary data collection and analysis
Primary Data Collection
Data Processing and summary outputs
Basic data analysis
Process and coordination of joint analysis
Summarising and interpretation of inter-sectoral analysis
Prioritising and informing decisions