Knowledge Management

Humanitarian InSight provides a publication layer and single point of entry for all programme cycle data managed using the suite. It empowers country operations and clusters to curate interactive online presentations of their needs, planning and monitoring information, while simultaneously providing a reference for globally aggregated data used in corporate products such as the Global Humanitarian Overview.

This page will offer a collection of guidance documents for the configuration of Humanitarian InSight.

These PowerPoint presentations explain how to organize the monitoring of an HRP, as explained at the HPC workshops in June 2021. They are meant for OCHA staff working on monitoring and should be viewed after the recorded ppt « introduction to monitoring ». The version called “technical workshop” offers a complete explanation for staff in charge of monitoring. The version called “HoO workshop” offers a summarized version with the key elements a Head of Office should look at.

Ces présentations PowerPoint (en anglais seulement) expliquent comment organiser le suivi (monitoring) d’un PRH, comme expliqué lors des « HPC workshop » de juin 2021. Elles sont destinées au personnel OCHA travaillant sur le suivi, et doivent être vues après le ppt enregistré « introduction au monitoring ». La version intitulée “technical workshop” offre une explication complète pour les staff en charge du monitoring. La version intitulée “HoO workshop” Offer une version résumée, avec les éléments clés qu’un Chef de Bureau doit connaître.

This document provides an overview of what information to present and how to do so in the development of the Humanitarian Response Plan. It should be read alongside the HNO Guidance and Template and the HPC Step-by-Step Guide.